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A thriving members-only community of like-minded sketchers who want to build their confidence and skills, quickly

Enrich your life with tools for exploring creativity, finding your own sketching style and having fun with art

But it’s also so much more!


Build Your Skills

A monthly training curriculum designed by Ian Fennelly that builds your skills from the ground up across all aspects of urban sketching.

Boost Your Confidence

Monthly sketching activities, personalized feedback, and a supportive global community to develop your skills and confidence, quickly.

Develop Your Style

Focused tasks and granular training to help you develop your own unique and instantly recognizable sketching style.

Our Members have told us that there’s nothing like

Urban Sketch+ in the Art World! 

We’ve been creating online and in-person sketching courses with Ian Fennelly now for over 5 years, and during this time we’ve witnessed the power of community and growing alongside other artists. 

Creativity isn’t just about skills, it’s about finding confidence, feeling supported, connecting with other artists, and learning how to not worry and have fun with art.

That’s why UrbanSketch+ is so unique!

Helping Artists to Grow

UrbanSketch+ is by far one of the best educational experiences I have had, and I don’t just mean in the arts.

For a complete novice, who could draw a straight line and little else, I have been guided through a series of activities and challenges for each aspect of the course in such a perfect sequence for skill development.

Being “forced” into uncomfortable activities was particularly good for my artistic development: thinking with the right side of my brain, you have put down the foundation of activities that I can enjoy…. Painting my way to glory.

Paul - UrbanSketch+ Member

Many thanks for this wonderful evening and also for an incredibly enriching year. There is a lot of work in your urban sketching school and I would like to thank you again for that. It has become a very important part of my life.

Anja - UrbanSketch+ Member

I am enjoying the program very much, just the right pace, and great content, and Ian is such an inspiration along with the member contributors here.

Beginners like me and seasoned artists alike can keep learning. I just enjoy the process and want to sketchbook and urban sketch outside this Spring, no intention of sharing except on here as such a kind and supportive group!

Ness - UrbanSketch+ Member

What Members Get

Become an Urban Sketch+ Member and you’ll get full access to a range of expertly crafted, monthly membership benefits, including:


Monthly Feedback Sessions

Ian gives detailed monthly feedback on member sketches, offering precise improvement tips and positive encouragement. His expert insights lead to quick skill enhancement.


Monthly Deep Dive Training

Monthly, we release exclusive member-only training where Ian focuses on specific skills and styles, building a comprehensive library. It’s like having Ian as your coach at home!


Monthly Assignments

Put your monthly training into practice as you attempt an assignment to encourage new learning ideas.


Monthly Art Challenges

Exciting monthly art challenges await! Explore new themes, designed to help you try new things and grow your skills as an artist.


Private Sketching Community

Get exclusive access to our private Facebook group! Connect with peers and the Urban Sketch team, and engage in a global community for feedback, collaboration, and friendship.


Live Events & Q&A’s

Join our live events like workshops, webinars, and Q&As to get answers to your questions and hear from fellow Plus members. All events are recorded for anytime access in your member’s area.

Supply Kit


Tools & Resource Library

We equip you with a whole range of essential resources like color charts, Ian’s sketchbook stories, and travel with Ian on his adventures around the world, as well as getting Ian’s very latest tips, advice, and personal updates.


Make BIG Savings and Hear about New Launches First

With your Membership, you’ll get:

  • 20% off all current Urban Sketch Courses. 
  • You also be the first to hear about our new courses and you’ll get 30% off new course launches (along with bonus footage)

The savings alone will pay for your membership!

But you’ll also get other exclusive discounts from our brand partners so that Plus members can make savings on art equipment and related products and services.


12-Month Back Catalogue

(Worth )

Join UrbanSketch+ today and you’ll unlock the entire members vault back catalogue, which contains 12+ months worth of premium membership content.

On Day 1 you’ll get instant access to all of our timeless member-only webinars, exclusive releases, and a library of past video critiques that delivered by Ian Fennelly since the very start of UrbanSketch+.

Are you ready to have your best sketching year yet and join a thriving community of artists just like you?

Learn with others, that just get it.

We promise that our community is a supportive bunch who will help you every step of the way and help you to gain the inspiration, encouragement, and confidence you need to create your best sketches, ever!

Learning urban sketching doesn’t need to be difficult or complex and with Ian’s never-seen-before monthly training combined with personal feedback and coaching, you will be amazed by the results that are possible!

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Membership Includes:

  Monthly Training from Ian Fennelly
  Monthly Feedback Sessions 
  Monthly Focused Tasks
  Monthly Art Challenges
  Live Q&A’s
   Sketching Community
  Exclusive Brand Discounts
  Extended Courses
  Much more!



Membership Includes:

Monthly Training from Ian Fennelly
Monthly Feedback Sessions 
Monthly Focused Tasks
Monthly Art Challenges
Live Q&A’s
 Sketching Community
Exclusive Brand Discounts
Extended Courses
Much more!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the online courses and an Urban Sketch+ membership?

The Urban Sketch+ membership has been designed to complement our online courses by providing a range of benefits that accelerate your development. Including, an engaging community, personalized feedback, and streamlined training that breaks all of Ian’s techniques down into even more granular detail, in a simple to understand format.

For example, instead of sketching whole buildings with a detailed surrounding scene as you would with a course; the monthly training in UrbanSketch+ is streamlined and focused on a specific skill – such as how to sketch brickwork, or trees, or it may focus on drawing perspective, or exaggeration, or developing your own style.

Through UrbanSketch+ you’ll gain even more enjoyment and better results from our courses because of this granular approach to teaching, combined with the interaction and feedback system you’ll have in place.

What type of training is included within the monthly training?
Ian has designed a very specific curriculum across 6 training themes. Each month you’ll receive brand new training focused on a specific technique or skill within one of these themes. Ian will provide a demonstration of the skill and show you examples of how it’s used within his work, along with a task to help you practice the skill.

Here is just some of the training you’ll be receiving over the coming weeks:

  • COMPOSITION TRAINING: Scale, Space, Angles, Placement, Lightness of touch, etc
  • PERSPECTIVE TRAINING: Vanishing point, Horizontal Lines, Exaggeration, 1 point, 2 point, etc
  • LINE TRAINING: Thickness, Dramatic Lines, Pen choice, Pen holding, Hatching, Black spaces
  • COLOR TRAINING: Blending, Complimentary Colors, Use of water, Holding brush, Choice of brush, Range of colours, etc
  • TONE TRAINING: Range of tones, Holding pen at an angle, choice of pens, use with color, blending, layering
  • DETAILS TRAINING: Looking carefully, exaggeration, editing out, patterns, stylization

Rather than sketching and painting entire scenes, as you would with our online courses, these trainings are short, sharp and focused on skill development. You’ll learn the nitty-gritty nuances of urban sketching along with Ian’s unique techniques using simple practice activities and focused tasks that build upon one another, month after month.

Is this a big time commitment?

Not at all. Your UrbanSketch+ membership is there to use as and when you need it. And at your own pace.

The monthly training is simple to follow and streamlined to give you only the information you need, without overwhelming you. The critiques, live calls, podcasts and other benefits will be recorded and accessible within your members area to consume at your own leisure.

How do your feedback sessions work?

Each month we’ll handpick a selection of sketches that UrbanSketch+ members have submitted and Ian will provide in-depth feedback on-screen. 

You’ll get to watch as Ian discusses, dissects and critiques different sketches, providing practical, constructive feedback and specific tips and advice on where instant improvements can be made, with lots of encouragement and praise offered.

Remember, it’s difficult to improve if you don’t get the right feedback and guidance, but it’s also very much about confidence building. That’s why we encourage everyone to submit their work regardless of what ‘level’ they are at.

Monthly critiques are recorded and uploaded to your members area to watch at anytime. The value in these sessions is not just the feedback to your work, but also in watching the feedback given to others. It’s our intention that everyone learns and grows together.

I'm a complete beginner, can I join?

Yes. If you’re a beginner, then you’re in the right place and your development will be swift. Many people wait before they get coaching and feedback, but this only leads to the start of bad habits. That’s why UrbanSketch+ is specifically designed to help you make fast progress and grow in confidence as we support you right from the start of your sketching journey.

I'm an accomplished artist, can I join?

Yes. UrbanSketch+ has been designed for artists at all levels. If you’re an accomplished artist, then UrbanSketch+ will help you sharpen up your skills and techniques while pinpointing areas that can be improved.

Can I cancel if I don't want to be a member any more?

Yes. You can cancel membership whenever you choose by clicking the ‘cancel’ button which is located within your membership area.

You won’t need to contact support, explain yourself, or jump through any hoops. It’s all self-service. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with UrbanSketch+ for any reason within the first month, then we’ll also refund your membership fee in full. We’ve made joining UrbanSketch+ as risk-free as we possibly can.

How do I access my Urban Sketch+ membership benefits?

The moment you join UrbanSketch+ you’ll unlock your UrbanSketch+ Studio Space from within the course learning platform. This area is ‘locked’ to regular students and is where all of your exclusive content lives. Accessing your Plus member benefits is as easy as accessing your online courses. You’ll also receive a separate invitation to our insiders Facebook Group.

Can I join Urban Sketch+ at anytime?

No. UrbanSketch+ is an exclusive members-only community that we are keeping deliberately small and manageable so that we can give the highest level of care and support to our active members.

We may offer occasional windows of opportunity to join, provided we can maintain the same high-level of service and support. If you’re not ready to join Urban Sketch+ during this window, then check on this page regularly for new opening dates or look out for personal email invitations from us.

Keep in mind that membership fees are usually increased during each joining window, to account for the additional trainings and benefits that have been added. So, joining now is the lowest price it will be. Membership fees will not increase for active members. You will always pay the same fee as when you first joined.